Indus Valley Civilisation never died, it evolved: Prof Lavanya Vemsani

Historian Prof Lavanya Vemsani in this conversation with journalist Vijay Rana, argues that contrary to the prevalent view, the Indus Valley Civilisation, never died and there was never a break between the Indus Civilisation and Aryan Civilisation.
Indian civilisation continued to evolve into numerous urban centres and rural communities. And we find hundreds of small and big towns spread over from Afghanistan to Narmada Valley and from Baluchistan to West UP and also in spreading into south India.
Prof Vemsani is the Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences at Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, Ohio. She is an award-winning scholar and professor of History, specializing in Indian History and Religions. She holds two doctorates, one in Religious Studies from McMaster University, USA and the other in History from the University of Hyderabad. Her books include – Modern Hinduism in Text and Context, Krishna in History, Thought, and Culture and Hindu and Jain Mythology of Balarama. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Indic Studies.

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